Who Whe are

We were born as an entrepreneurship program from Mexican marketing professionals that arrived in Panama to work in the Latin America headquarter for Procter and Gamble. We fell in love with the city and the Panamanian culture; it’s the reason why we started helping local brands grow their businesses. From consultancy for the development of new brands, production of relevant social media content, and the implementation of media and public relations campaigns with high reach and return of investment, we offer services based on the needs and challenges of our clients.

In Rock Paper Solutions, every project starts with a market assessment for the product or service, and a brand analysis to identify the potential growth and define, together with the client, the points of differentiation to win in the segment.


More than an agency, we look forward to develop an strategic alliance with all our clients. We are based on
transparency, communication and flexibility of our services.
Our team is your team.


Our mission is to help companies to move from the traditional marketing strategies to the digital

From the creation of a website and social media content, to the creation of an entire
business model.


Carlos Olivos
Founder, General Manager

Lizbeth Ceja 
Design Lead

Diana Martínez
Project Manager Lead

Jorge Cano
CRM Lead

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