To help you take the best actions to reopen your business, we have created the following guide with recommendations to reactivate your operation in a safe and responsible way during and post Covid 19.

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    Your Restaurant in the digital world.

    We provide you with the tools to take your restaurant to the digital world.
    All these tools will help you to comply with the safety regulations during and post Covid 19.

    Digital Menus and through QR Code

    Give your patrons the possibility to check your menu through their cell phones from their homes and encourage them to order online or by phone. Also with the QR code in your physical restaurant, your eaters can scan it and avoid any contact with a physical menu during our “new normal”.

    According to a research, the physical or printed menus can countain 185,000 germs per cm2 (a public toilet has between 500 – 1,000).*

    Menus and automatic orders

    Besides your digital menu and QR code, activate a button for users to request orders in an automatic way from a form of 15 items that you offer in your restaurant. Receive each order within your email with the information about the buyer. Increase your orders by email or phone in a direct way, without the intervention and commissions of delivery apps.

    Deliver apps can charge over 30% of commission per order*.

    * Calculated after analyzing 5 restaurants that use 2 different delivery apps. Considers charge per use of the app and commission per item sale or total account. Analysis done through June 01st to August 30th, 2020.

    Integrated online orders

    Design your entire digital menu without limitation and according to what your restaurant
    needs. Through a very interactive way, your eaters will order from your online store.
    Instead of a shopping car, they will have a food tray.

    Integration of your menu with Instagram

    We integrate the creative and strategic power of our marketing and communication agency with digital tools to increase online orders received by your restaurant.

    Strategy to win in

    Delivery apps like Uber Eats, Apetito 24, Didi Food, Postmates, already have hundreds of restaurants offered in their apps. Through our experts, we will give you the insights and create strategies for your restaurant to shine among others through communication tactics, negotiation with apps, and promotions created for each channel.

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