Maybed arrived from Spain to Panama back in 2015, focussing on offering a premium sleep for Panamenians. Its brand identity was focused on highlighting the Spanish tradition through its colors, figures and general communication: however, it needed to position itself in the premium segment as a brand of high value compared to its competitors. BRIEF

Through market research where we analyzed the competitors, as well as technologies and benefits of the products, RPS presented a new fresh image with new colors and messages focused on the audience target that looks to invest in a premium mattress to get the perfect sleep. Also, RPS developed a new visual strategy to communicate all the technology and quality benefits that the brand offers, which them a “Point of Difference” versus its direct and indirect competitors.

We modernized their marketing strategy with a digital strategy by creating its website, redefining their social media content and target, and creating a blog focused on providing tips to improve the resting and sleeping of the clients, not only through the mattresses, but with recommendation of products and habits.


Maybed today is positioned as one of the few premium mattresses brands in Panama. Its website is in Top 10 organic searches in Google, and has an Avg. of 2.6% engagement rate in their social media accounts.



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