Marketing and communication strategies during Covid 19

Just like you, everyone around the world continues to take care of their health to protect themselves from the COVID19 coronavirus. Although the period of quarantine or confinement at home is over, experts have pointed out that it will take month

s to return to the world it was before, and many say that this health crisis may even change our social dynamics in general.

Your company, whether it is a product store or a service company, must adapt to the various new health protocol recommendations. It will be the companies that manage to adapt their operations, use new technologies to their benefit and with good external and internal communication which will become the first to win and increase their business.

Here are some post COVID19 marketing and communication strategies:

  1. Implement new sales channels with the use of technology. Online sales already showed significant growth, so this is the time to invest in your online store. Bring all your businesses to an online platform. Remember that in addition to online sales, there are also delivery platforms or home delivery, or even sales by phone.
  2. Communicate your cleaning and safety protocols. The World Health Organization, as well as the health institutions of all countries, have issued safety measures or even issued decrees to help reduce the transmission of the virus and help maintain the health of citizens. In the case of Panama, that institution is the Ministry of Health. Evaluate what applies to your store or company and communicate it to your customers.

Diversify your portfolio according to new consumer trends. The crisis situation has caused consumption patterns to change and thanks to the internet, data shows that people are interested in leisure products. Also, according to the SemRush site, the search for household products such as appliances or appliances had more than 1.8 billion searches in March 2020. If you have a home store, this would be a good time to start selling refrigerators .

Offer intangible benefits or practical benefits. Today more than ever we want to be together, with our friends, with our family. If your service or product can help you to be happier in one way or another, it is time to communicate it. If your product has a specific benefit, put it at the center, since today people seek to make their life at home more bearable, while maintaining their mental and social well-being, even with precautions or through technology.

If you want to implement any of these actions for your store or company, contact us. At Rock Paper Solutions, we can help you from generating clear content for your store or social networks, or even helping you transition to an online sale and use new technologies.

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