Difference between marketing and advertising

Many may think that the concepts of “marketing” and “advertising” are the same or that they have the same purpose. Although they do have the same purpose of building a brand, the concepts are different since advertising is a component within a marketing strategy.

The objective of both is to introduce consumers to a new product or service in the market; however, advertising makes your product known to a potential audience or market, marketing is more controlled and based on the consumer’s understanding to define a general strategy that will include advertising.

What is marketing?

Marketing involves market research and analysis. It is the integrated process of studying the potential consumer, understanding their message and designing a value proposition for a product or service. Certain consumer groups respond better to an image than others. Slogan, mission definition and product message are essential for a marketing strategy.

The message of a marketing campaign usually conveys the type of consumer for the service or product, where people buy it, how they consume it or use it, and specially it´s main benefit. This message must be communicated through different channels (traditional or digital) or vehicle. This is the message distribution strategy that is directly related to the consumer previously studied.


  • Build the brand
  • Create value
  • Listen to the customer

What is advertising?

Advertising is the literal process of making a product or service known to an audience. This generally uses the different forms of traditional or digital media, which include paid campaigns to get a greater reach. Advertising must be temporary and follow a time strategy.


  • Communicate the brand
  • Spread value
  • Speaks to the customer

You need to start with a marketing strategy before starting an advertising campaign. At Rock Paper Solutions, we follow this process, and we will first research your audience, direct and indirect competitors and then present you with a new value marketing strategy along with advertising tactics linked to measures of success including lead generation.

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