Advantages of online sales during coronavirus COVID19

Since last March, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have isolated themselves at home to maintain their health and contribute to the fight against COVID-19. Not being able to go out and be at home most of the time had made many in Latin America try online shopping and use home delivery applications. This pandemic made many see the advantages of buying online from their confined situation.

Many experts have confirmed that returning to life as it was before could take several months. There will be a transition process in which businesses will be able to open, but the population will be recommended to leave their home only when it is necessary and when doing so, to take precautions. This situation will cause people to continue to use applications and online commerce, thus generating a change in the habit of the way consumerism works.

This phenomenon is not new: it already happens in countries like the United States in which 16% of all retail sales last year were made digitally with an approximate expenditure of $ 601 billion dollars. And the post-COVID19 effect is expected to be significantly greater even in developing countries. For example, in South Africa, according to a Nielsen study, 37% of people in a survey said they bought more digitally during the stay-at-home period.

Online shopping will be fundamental and basic in the post-COVID19 stage, so implementing an online sales system is necessary. If you are not convinced, here are some of its advantages:

  1. Reduces costs. Selling online requires less investment to open a business. Also, if you make the transition, it will allow you to reduce costs such as personnel or storage.
  2. Provides better control of your inventory. Having an online store will require more organization  in your inventory, since the existence of the products is essential. Although all of this is done automatically, it will force you to improve your inventory as well as your logistics process.
  3. You will be able to measure the effectiveness of your online marketing investment. Social networks and online sales are directly related. Today social platforms like Instagram allow you to direct your audience directly to the purchase. This will allow you to measure your investment in paid advertising in generated sales
  4. You will get to know your customer through information. By having a registration system you can learn more about your buyers.
  5. Expand your business to the whole country, or the world. The internet has no borders, and with a safe and reliable shipping system, you can offer your product or service to anywhere. You can reach whoever you want.

This means that there will be a transition period in which the use of applications and online sales during the post-coronavirus stage is expected to continue to grow for several more months. This change in habit will help to accelerate the process of technological adaptation of users who felt that they did not need to use the Intenet. If you want to implement new technologies in your business, from social networks to new automatic systems, we will help you.

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